Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!

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<Windle> yeah, guess you could say Melanie was a hippie<yellowwolf> arent we lucky that the whiner hasnt woken up yet<yellowwolf> grrrr<yellowwolf> pizza<Nogoat> All I had today was sausage biscuits and some chicken<Windle&
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*** taffy ( has joined #lobby***  sets mode: +o taffy<taffy> hello all*** Eddie has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)*** Guest7759 (~Guest@ has joined #lobby<Guest7759> I mkust be addicted to th
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16 States have banned Sharia Law, and we have a law that blocks those who do not believe in Our Constitution from becoming naturalized. here are the States, if your state isn't listed then it should be! Please contact your State Rep. I live in Mississippi,
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